Who We Are

Simply Ingredients empowers the DIY beauty lover to discover the most unique ingredients, explore a hands-on approach to creating the best goodness, and leave behind a slightly smaller footprint while they do it.

We scour the globe to find unique, effective and eco-conscious ingredients and share them along with their stories.

Our thoughtfully sourced collection of ingredients and educational materials make personalized, at home beauty accessible to the everyday beauty creator. 


Simply Ingredients is the passion project of award-winning beauty chemist and co-host of The Beauty Brains podcast, Valerie George. Valerie’s obsession with sourcing and curating ingredients for globally recognized beauty brands began in 2010. An industry expert in cosmetic formulation, she’s fascinated by the raw ingredients themselves – where they come from, the stories behind them and their natural benefits.

Today, she aims to empower your inner alchemist by sharing some of the most unique, highest quality, untapped ingredients in the world - all while demystifying the formulation process through educational content, accessible to everyone.


My commitment to you is to bring the highest quality ingredients directly to your door, pure and simple.

Producer Responsibility

From our sourcing strategies and ingredient packaging, to our shipping materials - Simply Ingredients has put incredible thought into the environmental impact of what we produce. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that anything we send you fits our reuse, recycle or safely-dispose-of model.

The Difference

Valerie started Simply Ingredients to share her passion for sourcing and evaluating ingredients from her decade plus experience formulating products for beauty brands of all sizes. Whether you own a small business, or just create for fun, she will provide guidance and science-friendly teachings on each ingredient and how to use them in formulation. Our distinct expertise and industry connections sets us apart from our competitors. We believe knowledge should be accessible and beauty should be sustainable. Straight from the source, transformed by you.