What It Does

We fell in love with this slim well pump bottle for toners, makeup remover, liquid soaps, micellar cleaners, and more. Super easy to use—one push and it dispenses all your favorite liquid formulations with just one hand. This 4.3 fl oz (130 ml) bottle is the perfect size for your bathroom counter, but small enough to travel with you on the go. We also love that it can be reused, again and again (perfect for refilling!). Sourced from Korea.

What It’s Made Of

This bottle uses a blend of virgin PP and PETG plastics. PETG is like PET, but it’s better suited for shock resistance (meaning it’s less prone to breaking if it falls off your bathroom counter).

Country of Origin



4.3 fl oz


Circumference 6.125”
Height 5.125”
Diameter 1.25”


Bottle Translucent Light Yellow
Cap Opaque, Creamy Light Yellow
Actuator Opaque, Creamy Light Yellow
Pump Housing Opaque, White
Dip Tube Natural


Bottle Clear PETG
Actuator PP
Cap PP
Pump Body PP


Bottle Recyclable. Check your local waste provider for further information.
Cap Not recyclable.
Dip Tube Not recyclable.

Sold in pieces designated by each. See our Terms for full warranties on safety & regulatory.

Why It's Special

This reusable bottle adds a sophisticated look to your bathroom countertop or nighttime routine.